Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BP Gulf Oil is actually leaking up to 480 million gallons daily !!

I did some research into oil pipe flow calculations and the answer is staggering !! BP wants us to beleive only 250,000 gallons a day are leaking, when in fact it is much much more then that. I followed the formula they use to calculate pipe flow and based on the figures, it is not good !!


UPDATE: Two individuals applied their own formulas to the data variables. Conclusion was the same. This is enough evidence to hold weight in court.

We are facing these figures as authentic oil flow.

Skeptical? Completely understood! Do the math yourself and you will see.

I will include all data and tools used to get to this conclusion.

Flow Calculator
[link to www.pipeflowcalculations.com]

L = Length of pipe from seafloor to oil = 9,754 meters
D = Diameter of pipe = 914 mm to 215 mm
note - standard diameters for oil drilling, lowest value is used due to depth.
P1 = Pressure in oil reserve = 15,000 psi to 70,000 psi
P2 = Pressure at release point = 2,000 psi
P1-P2 = Pressure difference in transit = 13,000 to 68,000 psi
T = Temperature of oil in reserve = 633*K
note - 35,000 feet is averaged at 360*C
Q = Volumetric Flow Rate
G = Mass Flow Rate
rho = Density of oil = 924 kg/m3

The Calculators Results

70k PSI in Oil Reserve
Q = 352,259 m3/hr
G = 3.25487872E+008 kg/h = 325,487,872 kg/h = 116,301,122 gal/hr

15k PSI in Oil Reserve
Q = 64,210 m3/hr
G = 5.9330372E+007 kg/h = 59,330,372 kg/h = 21,199,527 gal/hr

21 to 116 million gallons per hour

This is mathematical fact and all variables are sound and factual. Please try to debunk this!

I hope I am wrong but I would like others to calculate themselves.


1. volumetric flow rate (Q):
Q = 64210.363 m3/h

2. mass flow rate (G):
G = 5.9330372E+007 kg/h

3. lenght (L):
L = 9754 m

4. diameter (D):
D = 215 mm

5. density (rho):
rho = 924 kg/m3

6. tempearture (T):
T = 633 K

7. volumetric flow rate at the start (Q1):
Q1 = 145.78026 m3/h

8. volumetric flow rate at the end (Q2):
Q2 = 1093.3519 m3/h

9. pressure on the pipe start (p1):
p1 = 15000 psi

10. pressure on the pipe end (p2):
p2 = 2000.0 psi

11. pressure drop (p1-p2):
p1-p2 = 13000 psi

12. velocity at the start (V1):
V1 = 1.1153976 m/s

13. velocity at the end (V2):
V2 = 8.365481 m/s

It is now and has been pumping 1 mil gallons per day. The 200k gallon estimate is a very low ball number. If the well head fails it will pump 2.5 mil gallons per day.

There have been several links posted to articles by industry experts that say based on the satellite photos the 200k gallon estimate is way, way too low.

To put this in perspective, he Exxon Valdez spill in Prince William Sound of Alaska was 11mil. gallons of crude.

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