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Swine Flu - The Real Deal !!

I have been closely following MSM published and broadcast pieces as well as GLP posted articles on the swine flu pandemic, and, as you know, there has been a mountain released with such velocity it is often difficult to keep the pace. Frequency (and volume) strategy is used when one wants to get a message out. Marketing 101. The speed of release can be attributed to a fast-changing environment, a well-oiled communication machine (established pipeline…when it suits them) as well as good strategy.

However, there were three elements that raised the red flags :

1. Certain H1N1 flu information is being stressed/promoted over equally or more important H1N1 information (instead of informing the public on all data, one main message is being pushed AND it is emotionally based rather than quantitative)
2. The message has reached fervor pitch indicating a level of desperation to get this primary message out and
3. I started to notice discrepancies in reports.

These combined elements prompted me to research the actual numbers and events to determine if I should be as concerned as the media and health agencies seem to want me to be and to answer a few questions nagging me. In other words, do the numbers and the evidence really support this massive push, especially to the point of justifying the removal of my health decision rights for “the good of society’?
Following is what I gathered and found:
Can I Trust the WHO Numbers?
WHO is now recommending that countries STOP testing for H1N1 and “assume” that all flu cases are H151. Yes, that’s right. Lump all cough, sore throat and fever symptoms into the H1N1 reporting numbers. How much are - or will - these numbers be inflated with this methodology?[link to]
Can I Trust the CDC Numbers?
CDC is reporting aggregate cases of both confirmed and unconfirmed (suspected). They are collecting the data separately. Fair enough. But they are not reporting the numbers separately to the people. Why not?:
[link to]
But, further, the CDC also admits the reported numbers include ALL flu not just swine flu, which is clearly indicated on their website and interactive maps; however, the media obviously pay little attention to this quite important differentiation and tend to identify all as “swine flu”:
“The flu activity map includes both novel H1N1 flu and seasonal flu because both novel H1N1 and seasonal flu viruses are still circulating. Illnesses caused by seasonal and novel H1N1 flu infections have similar symptoms and can’t be differentiated from one another without specific laboratory tests.”
[link to]
Is H1N1 a ‘Super Spreader?
I found that it has been scientifically shown that this H1N1 strain “spreads from person to person less effectively than other seasonal flu viruses” and that it “binds human receptors much less effectively than other flu viruses that infect humans”.
[link to]
What are the H1N1 numbers to date compared to the historical regular, seasonal flu numbers?Even though my confidence in the CDC numbers is in question, let’s review what they do report…Flu mortality stats per CDC, which include all forms/strains of flu as well as pneumonia, (referred to as the P&I Index):2005 = 63,001 people died2006 = 56,000 people died“2007-08 season, the proportion of deaths due to pneumonia and influenza was higher than the previous two years, but was similar to the 2004-05 season.”Between 1993 to 2003, an average of 36,171 people died each year of flu[link to] [link to] Compared to…H1N1 current 2009 stats per CDC as of July 17th:
Jan to July 17 = 263 deaths
Jan to July 17 AGGREGATE confirmed AND suspected infected = 40,617
We have less sickened to date than all who died each year in 2005, 2006 and possibly 2007-2008.
Additionally, to reach the 2006 mortality number (chosen in absence of 07-08), based on calendar months (not seasonal), would require a 9,824% mortality increase. This is a very loose, extrapolated number to give a general idea only; seasonal variables are not available for proper calculations.
[link to]
Pandemic? Epidemic?
Well, H1N1 is not even an epidemic according to the CDC historical charts…even when H1N1 is combined with all other flu and pneumonia deaths. Take a peek. We haven’t crossed the epidemic threshold, and, per the chart, mortality rates were much worse in 2007-2008 . Where was the gov and health agency panic then?? Did I sleep through it? These numbers include ALL flu and pneumonia, in which swine flu (H1N1) is a SUBSET[link to] The chart piqued my curiosity, so I then compared the current P&I morality rates to the first week of flu season the previous four years – the first week of flu season because the CDC either does not track from June – Aug each year (hardly) or they are not exposing the data. Interesting it is that this is all unfolding when we don’t have historical comparative data. Even more interesting is the mortality chart indicates the data do exist.Additionally, mortality rate was chosen because the CDC does not report raw numbers for P&I illnesses either confirmed or suspected except this year. Again, why?
2009Week ending July 11, 2009 = 6.5%
Epidemic Threshold = 6.6%
2008Week ending Oct 4, 2008 = somewhere around 5.8% *only a chart was provided; no raw data
Epidemic Threshold = unknown
2007Week ending Oct 6, 2007 = 5.9%
Epidemic Threshold = 5.8%
2006Week ending Oct 7, 2006 = 6.26%
Epidemic Threshold = 6.31%2005
Week ending Oct 8, 2005 = 5.5%
Epidemic Threshold = 6.7%
The mortality rate is comparable to the first week of flu season to epidemic threshold ratio in 2006 and 2007, did we have this level of hype in those years? If not, then why not?
What are the WHO Pandemic Numbers?
As of July 6th, the WHO reports less than 100,000 confirmed cases of swine flu illness WORLDWIDE. Only 100,000 globally sickened when in the US we have an average of 36K regular flu deaths on average per year? But we have a pandemic?What is that global infection rate? .00148%Yes, that is one one-hundredth of one percent of the entire population, but it’s a pandemic?
[link to]
What numbers are the media reporting?
Yet media are getting away with inflating the numbers to “over a million” Americans sickened”:[link to] What else is the media reporting?At every turn, there are swine flu stories in the news of people dying and contracting H1N1, and thousands of articles on swine flu as a general topic. A “H1N1” search in Google news alone resulted in 204,998 articles
[link to] Comparatively, a “healthcare plan” search in Google news resulted in only 8,536 articles.[link to] It is not my intent in any way to minimize those deaths and illnesses, but these events, unfortunately, happen every year with regular flu. We just don’t hear about it in the media. In fact, 83 children in the US died from the flu in the 2007-2008 season. It is harsh, but it’s factual. Look again at the CDC numbers and specifically the mortality chart above. At minimum, why aren’t the actual historical numbers being reported with these emotional stories for perspective to prevent public overreaction?
[link to]
Will the Vaccine Be Safe? Effective?
Well, the US gov has been advised to accept the vaccine without the safety and efficacy tests.[link to]
If the Vaccine Is not Safe or Effective, Will the Makers be Held Accountable for Damage?
No. Congress has made them legally “immune” (pun fully intended), and Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, reinforced this with a recent, signed document from her office.
[link to]
My summation is brief because I believe the data and evidence above speak without needed explanation: I’m not stating that people are not ill; rather, I am presenting the actual numbers, which indicate this is a mis- and dis-information fear campaign perpetrated on the people. The numbers do not warrant the emotional hype.I welcome any additional evidence and certainly corrections if needed.Oh, and on another note, have you noticed that: From 2003 – to date, the Military Industrial Complex made off like bandits…
From 2007 – 2008, it was Big Oil’s turnFrom 2008 to date, the BankersNow it appears it is Big Pharma and Big MedHas all the money been transferred to the intended recipients? FFS, there isn’t any money left. Is this it?

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